Catch-Up-Closure + New Intake Procedures & Philosophies!


We will only be only for customers picking up current finished repairs, or if youd like to book time with any of the synths fun store, just send us a message! The reason for this closure is so that we can catch up on all of our current repairs. There is only so much we can do in a day and we know just how easy it is to fall into a sea of repairs of varying difficulty, continuing to intake and feeling your stress level level up every time (we know first hand and apologize for not thinking of this sooner)

We will also be anouncing a revamp to our whole intake process and systems we've come up with to best service you, maintain open lines of communication (like if ATT decides they hate us and kills our phones again) soon!

- Output Audio (the person)

ps We need to apologize about our phone situation for the past month or so. Long story short, in an attempt to add a feature to our business line, AT&T went ahead and accidentally canceled our service (imagine that!) which led to weeks of being told our number was being ported over then nothing happening. So we switched providers which meant even more waiting and then learning VOIP setups (we work on synths and stuff, not the internet!).

Our main number (2106268092) should be fully operational now, you can send us texts, good old voicemail and just a whole plethora of optoins. We are fully aware of just how annoiyng that was and thankfully (no thanks to ATT) weve made it through...

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